Community Development

Because we are all created in God’s image, we were intended for relationships. That’s why everything Thousand Hills Ministry is involved with is centered on partnering with people we know—local church and ministry leaders—who in turn work with people they know.

The projects we invest in aim to help not just individuals but the communities they are part of. By demonstrating a partnership approach we invite people who may not know Him to become part of the family of God. This community focus can be seen in a number of ways.

THM Partners with Haitian pastors who demonstrate the Gospel by building strong communities, By leverageing other organizations already serving in Haiti that specialize in specific areas that fall outside of economic development, THM facilitates the coordination to deliver many services specifically geared to help the community as a whole. But does this from a “church centered” position vs. a “THM centered” position.

Church Building

In many rural parts of Haiti the church is the physical center of the community. In addition to providing a place of worship and sharing of the good news, as the largest building it becomes the location where members of the community gather for the churches outreach programs. .

In this way church construction demonstrates that the gospel is not just about spiritual well-being—as central as that is—but also has significance for every other area of life, too.

Agriculture Cooperatives

Sharing resources like equipment and livestock doesn’t just give people access to assets that can help them prosper. It also provides an opportunity to teach and model biblical principles in areas like leadership, conflict resolution, and stewardship.

Solar Energy

Crop yields in Haiti have long been limited by access to water. Farmers have had to rely on rain, or be able to afford gasoline-powered generators—costly and out of reach of many—to pump from a well.

Solar-powered submersible pumps are a cost-effective way of drawing water from underground springs and making it available to all.

Health Care

Just as Jesus combined His message of a heavenly kingdom with concern and care for earthly needs, we believe that touching people’s physical needs can be a powerful demonstration of the love of God.

In areas where medical services are limited or even non-existent, even basic health can make a tremendous difference.

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