Sourcing income locally for ministry

Church led economic transformation comes through Enterprise.

The church in Haiti may reside in one of the poorest places in the Western world, but we believe she is rich—rich in faith, abilities and talents that simply needs releasing.

Fueled by prayer and trust, our aim is to be a helping hand that affirms dignity and encourages restoration.

The church provides another opportunity to share the gospel in words and actions.

Goat Multiplication Centers
Goat Multiplication Centers are the core of our goat program

Goats instantly improve a family’s life for today and tomorrow. THM partners with local Haitian churches to meet needs in their community. Goats are one of the tools the church uses to demonstrate the love of Jesus.

How our goat program works

THM provides goats to local church partners

Local churches give families in need a pregnant goat

Family has two years to give back three offspring to the church

  • One goat is given back out to other families
  • One goat to pay school tuition
  • One goat to support church ministry
  • The average family in our program has eight offspring over two years. How? Year two – offspring is producing offspring…

After three offspring are given back, the family retains all future goats

Grand Ravine

These four-legged friends help lift Haitian families out of poverty. Goats provide protein-rich milk to feed a hungry household while also providing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens. Female goats can give birth to as many as three babies each year, and through selling baby goats families generate income to use for life’s basic needs.

Farm & Garden
Limited tools and training mean that many farmers are barely getting by, rather than getting ahead. Hard ground can be transformed into fertile fields with lessons in improved agricultural methods and the right tools. – voices from the field.
Chickens & Eggs
Just $3,000 pays for a chicken shed that dramatically increases yields, as the birds are better cared for and protected from predators. The additional eggs enable families to start small businesses, selling their surplus. – voices from the field.
Haitians don’t need to be told about how important water is to life. Inexpensive irrigation systems can help dramatically increase small farm and garden yields—and provide a doorway for presenting Jesus as the true water of life. – voices from the field.



THM provides cattle to our church partners that have farm land available.  The church then shares the cattle for plowing with the local farming co-op in their village.  The cattle allows local farms to till their land more efficiently.  It also allows land sitting idle to be transformed into production. The church meeting local needs and being involved in transformation… sounds like a great sermon in the making.

Fruit Trees & Forestry
As well as providing their own fruit, trees provide other essentials for Haitian farming. Planting orchards not only means produce, it also helps protect the water supply, and improve soil quality.

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