Merry Christmas!

GIVE the multiplying gift of a goat for CHRISTMAS

You can give a life changing gift to those on your list…

Christmas is upon us, and as we come into this season of family and giving, consider the precious gift God gave to us. His everlasting gift of His Son Jesus. It’s a priceless gift unlike any other.

So what can you buy for $100? Some nice clothes? A fancy meal? What if it could provide for a family for the next several YEARS? While it pales in comparison to the gift of Christ, $100 is all it takes to provide for a needy family in Haiti. There is no minimum amount, as every bit helps. And with every donation, we provide the ability to create a card for the person or group that has inspired your donation. Consider the impact your gift will make and the good will you are sharing with family and friends.

In rural Haiti, goats are a practical resource used to strengthen the church and equip the church to source income locally.

Card Outside

Card Inside

Give a goat in their name. Your gift toward the purchase of a female goat will equip a Haitian family with a multiplying resource. Future goats are sold to send their child to a Christian school.

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