The Call

Let’s dream for a moment. Imagine 10 new churches a year in different villages of Haiti that currently have limited or no presence of the gospel. Imagine each church sharing the love of Christ with the 10,000 people who live in that village. That’s 100,000 people a year being exposed to the gospel through a local church invested in reaching that village for Christ. At that pace, one million people will encounter the gospel and have the opportunity to respond in faith to Jesus Christ in the next decade.

That mammoth vision is what God has called Thousand Hills Ministry to. And He is providing a plan for that vision to become a reality.

Now, imagine that ever-growing spread of the gospel utilizing the methodology of locally sourcing income for ministry growth.


Train 100 pastors and send them out


Distribute 1,000 Creole bibles


Plant 100 churches in the next 10 years


Graduate 10 new pastors each year to shepherd new church plants


Each church plant has roughly 10,000 villagers


100 churches x 10,000 villagers = 1,000,000 souls

The Seminary Building Project

Construction has already started on the first floor of the Seminary. We are expanding an existing ministry training center to house the bible school.

In the fall of 2017, the bible school will have three classes of students. Just under ten men will enter year 3 of study and be moving toward graduation. Twelve students will be in their second year, and fifteen men will be in their first year. Understandably, more space is needed. The men live, learn and work on campus for nine months each year.

We project the completion of the first floor and the addition of the second floor (rendering below) will be completed by Summer of 2018 to accommodate the growing number of students.

Total cost of the expansion project including; construction materials, local labor, furniture, computers, books and other living items is $135,000.

Seminary Funding Model

The plan to have the Seminary 100% self-funded is through locally sourcing income from the sale of crops and livestock, as we have demonstrated in the past. This will take time, and through investment into land, fencing, wells, goats and chickens, the seminary will be funded annually! Projections are represented by the green line in the graph below. After five years the school will be completely self-funded. Though the vision for Open Door Bible School is that it be self-funded, direct financial support will be needed to launch the operations of the seminary until the agriculture component can get up and running with growth to produce enough income which to support the school ministry. Over five years, the financial needs will be $155,000 (red line in the chart below) with the majority of that need being the first two years

Operational expenses cover the following:

• salaries for administration, teachers, and night watchman
• school supplies and books
• food and other necessities for living
• bibles provided to graduates

Agriculture and Livestock Needs

The two largest expenses are land and labor. Several hundred acres of land in total (purchased in various parcels) will be needed for the crops and goat herds to flourish, providing the necessary income for the seminary. Also, these income producing projects provide more than 20 full-time jobs for local families who manage the projects.

Other components include: irrigation wells, fencing, tractor, tools and seeds

The startup investment to launch these projects is $225,000.

The sooner these funds are raised, the sooner the income is produced.
• Initial 5-year return on investment = $117,500
• Second 5-year return on investment = $225,000

The Impact

After 10 years the seminary will have:

•Graduated 100 new pastors
•Celebrated its fifth anniversary of sourcing locally 100% of the income needed for seminary operations
•Supported the planting of 100 new churches by providing trained pastors
•Distributed 1,000 Creole bibles
•Reached 1 million people with the gospel of Christ

After 10 years the seminary will have:

•Graduated 100 new pastors
•Celebrated its fifth anniversary of sourcing locally 100% of the income needed for seminary operations
•Supported the planting of 100 new churches by providing trained pastors
•Distributed 1,000 Creole bibles
•Reached 1 million people with the gospel of Chris

Next Steps

If you sense a welling of excitement as you read about this expansion perhaps it’s that you find a desire to be part of our team. What part will you play? What role will you serve? This is not a vision about the future. This is happening NOW! God had given THM this incredible opportunity to expand on that which He has already marked on our hearts, THM continues to give back to those it serves and those it reaches for Christ. This adventure is more than an exciting possibility, it is reality. Open Door Bible School is developing leaders who will carry the gospel outward changing communities for generations.

Questions and Answers

Can the nominated students afford seminary?
No. The vast majority of students do not have funds for a degree. As part of the requirements for receiving a scholarship, students will work in the fields and livestock projects. This reduces the labor costs and provides the student with a well-rounded understanding of sourcing income locally for ministry. Each student’s first priority is to studying Gods word, therefore students work part-time.
Where are the students coming from?
Currently, there are 18 churches in a network of sister churches we have been in partnership with for years. Each church is encouraged to plant another church from within its body. Pastors are encouraged to identify new pastors from within and nominate them for seminary enrollment. Upon their completion of seminary training, that pastor will shepherd the new church which his sending church just planted, thereby multiplying organically. Two of the biggest needs of church plants are provided through this model. One, an established church willing to plant a new church start. Two, a pastor to serve the new church start.
The curriculum for the students will include theological training, practical pastoring training and leadership development. What else are they learning?
The fundamentals of sourcing income locally for ministry and out-reach. Guest speakers from the US will teach students these principles and encourage them to identify and disciple leaders in their new congregation.
Is there a plan to support the new pastor in his new church plant?
Yes. Upon graduation the new pastor will take a number of goats from the seminary herd he has been tending over the years. These goats are given to support himself and his family. This gesture takes some of the financial burden off new pastors and affords them the opportunity to focus on God’s calling.
The new pastors sending church will be eager to receive him back home. Is there more we can do to support this new pastor and his congregation?
Yes. As you invest in this bible school each new pastor also receives 100 Creole bibles to distribute in his new church.
  • Building – $135,000
  • Seminary Operations (5 years) – $155,000
  • Development projects – $225,000

Total Cost

For Larger donations please contact us directly.

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