Invest in a Goat Multiplication Center

Goat Multiplication Centers

It’s obvious the primary role of a multiplication center is to breed more goats. But since this becomes church property, a multiplication center has a much greater and deeper level of community impact. With a multiplication center, a church can distribute pregnant goats to families in need as well as sister churches that want to start their own multiplication center and goat program. The church also acts as a teaching center and veterinarian center for willing community members willing to learn. Not to mention, a multiplication center is an opportunity for churches to produce income for church operations.

Investment goes towards:

• 150 goats or more
• Shelters and fencing
• Full time shepherds

THM’s third goat multiplication center will be located in Grand Ravine. Strategically located in Northern Haiti to produce goats for multiple sister churches that do not posses adequate land. The mountain top church is blessed with:




Animal husbandry




Pastoral care


Ample land for goats and food production


Access to water

Total Cost

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